About US

Electronic products are becoming more and more integrated into people’s daily lives. Scientists and engineers are quickly replacing outdated products with new ones. Once the products become outdated, most people will just throw them out. However, these products actually have monetary value. We wish to make the best use out of every product.

We wish that all high-tech products won’t go to waste or be thrown out. We can start with Epson printers. We can reuse and recycle certain Epson printers. Most of Printers we receive will be reused, reconditioned or repaired to extend its life. We strive to reach our goals.


PRINTERS JACK is here to pay you cash for your Epson printers that you are no longer used. Even your Epson printer is damaged, we can still pay you for its value. You then can use the money to upgrade or put the money into your pocket.

Advantages to selling Epson printers to us

  • Extra money
  • Not wasting printer
  • Fast payment
  • Simple transaction