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Printers Jack Compatible Canon GI-290 Refill Ink Bottle Kit for Canon PIXMA G4200, PIXMA G3200, PIXMA G4210, PIXMA G2200, PIXMA G1200 Printers

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  • Compatible for Canon PIXMA G4200, PIXMA G4210, PIXMA G3200, PIXMA G2200, PIXMA G1200, PIXMA G1000, PIXMA G1100, PIXMA G1400, PIXMA G1800, PIXMA G1900, PIXMA G2000, PIXMA G2100, PIXMA G2400, PIXMA G2800, PIXMA G2900, PIXMA G3000, PIXMA G3100, PIXMA G3400, PIXMA G3800, PIXMA G3900 Printers
  • Good Fluency, Fast Drying Speed, Brilliant Color Gamut, Smooth Color and textures
  • Excellent Quality - Through Micron-3 Stage Filtration to Reduce Printhead Clogging
  • Cost Efficient - Simple operation eliminates the need to endlessly replace costly ink catridges
  • The use of remanufactured ink and printing supplies does not void your printers warranty





Name: GI-290/GI-190 Ink Bottle Refill for Canon PIXMA G1200, Canon PIXMA G2200, Canon PIXMA G3200, Canon PIXMA G4200, Canon PIXMA G4210 (Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta)

Canon GI-290 ink bottle replacements are made by Printers Jack compatible for the Canon Mega Tank printers.

The GI-290 ink bottles are cost effective and easy to add to your printer.

Rich color presentation: GI-290 black ink bottle produces sharp, clear context.

Cost effective: One GI-290 black ink bottle can print over 6000 pages and one GI-290 Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow ink bottle can print over 7000 pages.

Easy installation: Remove the GI-290 ink bottle cover and insert the inject nozzle into the Canon printer ink tank.

Compatible Printer Models:
Canon PIXMA MegaTank G1200 printer
Canon PIXMA MegaTank G2200 printer
Canon PIXMA MegaTank G3200 printer
Canon PIXMA MegaTank G4200 printer
Canon PIXMA MegaTank G4210 printer
Canon PIXMA G1000
Canon PIXMA G1100
Canon PIXMA G1400
Canon PIXMA G1800
Canon PIXMA G1900
Canon PIXMA G2000
Canon PIXMA G2100
Canon PIXMA G2400
Canon PIXMA G2800
Canon PIXMA G2900
Canon PIXMA G3000
Canon PIXMA G3100
Canon PIXMA G3400
Canon PIXMA G3800
Canon PIXMA G3900

Mission Statement: In nature, no two colors are exactly the same. We strive to produce the beauty of a pertect match.